Touriste en fuite
Renaud Bujold

Renaud Bujold, hôtelier, nous parle de la lettre d’un Américain en visite à Percé.

Des hippies menaçants
Renaud Bujold

Renaud Bujold révèle les raisons du départ d’un touriste.

Lettre de Brian Ford

« Dear Mr Maloney, I regret having to cancel my reservation today. It’s… Upon arrival we found that we could not pass our car within 200 yards of the boat’s landing; much too far to carry our luggage. Also there was no ferry shuttle and we could have waited more than an hour for the boats - pretty bad arrangement. In addition, Percé was full of hundreds of hippies plus a large gang of motorcycles hoods. It would have been too hazardous to leave our Lincoln car (*) in your lot for a full week. So sorry. And it’s signed by D. Brian Ford. »

Tourisme à Percé